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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
School Readiness


Attending Kindergarten is a major transition for our little ones, so here at Bright Beginning, we provide an intensive school readiness program, implementing the use of all Key Learning Areas of NSW Primary Schools. By using the Key Learning Areas, along with the Early Years Learning Framework, we are able to provide an enriching environment for our children to develop with, each at their own pace, helping our children gain the confidence and self-esteem to tackle Kindergarten with ease.


When children begin school, it can be quite a daunting thought for them, so we encourage our children to participate in group experiences throughout their time in pre-school, to gain confidence and learn how to positively gain friendships and relationships with those around them.

​Physical Education Programmes

Physical activity is vital for children's development and lays the foundation for a healthy & happy life. At Bright Beginning, we offer a wide choice of play-based, physically active learning experiences that link to children’s interests, abilities, identity and prior knowledge. These experiences are made up of both spontaneous and intentionally planned active play (child initiated and educator led) that can be done indoors or outdoors. In addition, as active role models, our educators encourage children to participate in physical activity and it is embedded within our daily program & routine. We are 
actively engaged in the Munch & Move program for children of all ages. 

Munch & Move


Early childhood is the ideal time for children to form healthy food and physical activity habits that will give them the best chance of maintaining a healthy weight throughout their lives. It is also a great time to cultivate the fundamental movement skills and confidence children need to enjoy physical activities at school.

The Munch & Move program aims to promote and encourage children's healthy eating and physical activity and reduce small screen recreation. Through Munch & Move NSW, our educators at Bright Beginning have the opportunity to participate in professional development training that assists them to implement a fun, play-based approach to supporting healthy eating and physical activity habits in young children.

Ready, Set, Grow


At Bright Beginning Albion Park, our educators are passionate about preparing the children for more than just school, they are ready to tackle life. Education programs & experiences are relevant to all age groups.


Our self-help program is suitable for all ages, and begins with our toddlers 2+, teaching the children​ skills such as putting on a hat, packing away their bag, washing their hands & opening and closing their water bottle. With each milestone, we further develop their social skills, social awareness, manners & interactions with both their peers & educators.

Language Programmes


We are excited to be enrolled in the ELLA Program.  ELLA is a fun, digital, play-based language learning program for children in preschool. It helps children to become more comfortable with different languages early in life so that they can stay engaged with learning languages in later years.

Children in the ELLA program learn language through applications ('apps'), called The Polyglots. 

In 2019 Miss Antonia will be teaching the children Greek.

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