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'An active learning environment is one in which children are encouraged to explore and interact with the environment to make meaning and knowledge through their experiences, social interactions and negotiations with others'

EYLF p. 45.

Our well organised environment is:

  • Welcoming

  • Vibrant and flexible

  • Responsive to children and their changing needs, interests and abilities

  • One that invites experiences, interactions, risk taking, discovery,

  • Connected to nature, conversations, play and collaboration

  • One that has a sense of place and purpose for resources, materials and experiences

  • Consistent and predictable

  • Well resourced and well maintained

  • Interesting and engaging (absorbs children in complex, deep learning experiences rather than shallow or superficial experiences)

  • Contains open-ended, complex materials that can be used in many ways and can be used again and again without becoming boring

  • Contains a balance of experiences/types of experiences.

How we arrange our space:

  • Breaking up the space with clear pathways and clear play spaces produces more focussed and productive play. Children are able to play in small to medium sized groups, without unnecessary interruption or encroachment by others

  • We provide a consistent environment and minimise  the urge to constantly change the layout of our indoor space or playground without good reason. A consistent and predictable environment helps children to feel a sense of belonging and attachment as well as allowing them opportunities to practice using materials and equipment.

    • ‘connections and continuity between learning experiences ... make learning more meaningful’ (EYLF, p. 33)

  • The environment is a key enabler of relationships - how our environment is set up helps to determine how, and what kind of, relationships will happen within it.

The indoor experience

  • One room divided into a separate dining, quiet space & group learning/construction zone - the children are able to roam freely throughout the area based on their interests and mood. 

    • The "dining" area with four large, round tables to encourage team building and interaction is used for morning free play as the children settle into the service before transferring to the 9am class session. This area transforms into our lunch room at 11am where the children share a freshly prepared meal together and are seated in groups of 8 to encourage conversation and collaboration following on from their outdoor free-play experience

    • Quiet time space includes a children's lounge and book case where the children have the opportunity to wind down and recharge after lunch, while the younger children move to the bedding area for a sleep. This quiet space allows the older children to sit and relax with a book from our extensive, rotating library, before heading back outdoors for some group activities

    • The group learning area & construction zone is where our some of our best class-time sessions come to life. The children also utilise this area as they can roam between building, manipulating or sitting back at the writing station and enjoying some drawing, crafting and technology station

The outdoor experience

  • At Bright Beginning, our outdoor environment is twice as big as any other centre our size! 

    • The patio accommodates for a second dinig area utilised for morning tea & afternoon tea - which also transforms into a closed off activity area for the children in the wet weather. With acrylic roll down screens that protect the children from the rain & wind, they are able to get some fresh air and play outdoors during the winter months​

    • The "flat" is where our little athletes come to life - it rotates from a mini soccer field,  bike track, basketball court or gymnasium with our huge range of climbing and balance equipment, the children will never get bored and wait eagerly to see what is going to be set up for them to enjoy each day

    • The sand pit - unlike any ordinary sandpit, this is where our Tonka truck collection, buckets, spades, moulding equipment & even a balance beam are experimented with to fulfill the children's every desire. Add the water hose in summer, and you've got smiles all round.

    • The Garden - used for more relaxed activities among our beautifully renovated garden bed, the children can enjoy the lush grash to play or relax, surrounded by lush Xanadu's and purple lilies.

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