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Nutrition & Menu Planning

As a long day care centre, we understand that majority of a child’s daily dietary intake is consumed within the centre. This is why we have created a great healthy and nutritious menu, along with added benefits to educate children about food and nutrition, and the importance of a healthy diet and daily physical activity.
Bright Beginning provides its children with three meals a day, using a rotational menu system. Each day we provide Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea. With this in mind, we are always looking to help our children understand the difference between ‘always foods’ and ‘sometimes foods’. 
Morning Tea

Progressive morning tea is offered at 9am and offers the children a light & nutrition snack before they head out for free play. A range of iron rich breakfast cereals are on offer, served with fruit


Served at 11:30am, the lunch menu rotates between providing a mixture of legumes, red meat & poultry (beef, chicken, pork & turkey) along with fresh seasonal vegetables prepared fresh daily at the service. Vegetarian options are also available

Afternoon Tea

Served at 2:30pm, the children are offered a selection of fresh seasonal fruit, along with freshly baked veggie pastries/scrolls, muffins, rice cakes & condiments, cheese and crackers or light sandwiches

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