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About Us

Bright Beginning Child Care and Early Learning Centre

We are a privately owned education and care service located in Albion Park, 2527. The educators at our service hold a particular commitment to early childhood education. Our practices and service delivery are based on the National Quality Framework, monitored by the Regulatory Authorities and responsible to ACECQA.


We welcome families and children to our service and endeavour to create an extension of the home environment. By working together with families we will provide an environment that promotes quality care and education to the individual child. We believe that education is a continually evolving process that enriches and empowers the individual. 


Our aim for the service is to provide quality education and care that is inclusive and recognises diversity, in a caring and supportive environment. Each child is encouraged to aim for personal excellence and to develop skills of independent learning and critical thinking in a co-operative learning environment.


Our Early Education and Care Centre follows the Early Years Learning Framework, thereby giving your child the best possible outcomes in terms of both their abilities to learn and their social development. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) incorporates three key concepts that we apply with every child, everyday, otherwise known as the 3 Bs; Belonging, Being and Becoming.


acknowledges and encourages children’s abilities to form and appreciate new relationships, thereby supporting their social development.


recognises the significance behind helping children to appreciate their time as youngsters. It symbolises the here and now in children’s lives.


reflects the specific processes of growth & development in a child’s early years, acknowledging the significance in reinforcing that development for the future.

Why Bright Beginning?

In order to ensure that our service stands out from the rest we provide:

  • Long Day Care Monday to Friday, 7am - 5:30pm (closed public holidays)

  • Open 51 weeks (closed from 25th December to 1st January)

  • Consistent staffing arrangements, so your child always has a familiar face greeting them

  • Education & care for children 16 months to 6 years

  • Nurturing staff, who care for your child's individual needs

  • Kinderloop access for families to be updated with your child's day in real time

  • Large outdoor play area

  • CCS approved service

  • Morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea provided

  • Early Years Learning Framework curriculum

  • University Qualified Educators with many years of experience

  • Air-conditioned facility

  • Highly resourced, individualised programs

  • Incursions & excursions provided at no additional charge

We are proud to have our own private app, OWNA.

In a nutshell, OWNA is a communication tool that allows our educators to simplify their documentation, save time and securely link the family in real time to their child's progress. OWNA also manages your Family Tax Law obligations by managing all CCS/Accounts and Billing. We like to keep you up to date throughout the day, and OWNA allows for two-way communication between families & the service


Our centre aims to ensure quality care at a competitive rate, providing a modern & well-maintained educational setting for children to learn and grow. Our daily fees are discussed throughout our tours and orientations at the centre.


Included in the daily price is three freshly made meals per day, sunscreen, nappies & wipes, along with our preschool program and excursions/incursions.

All you need to pack is a sun safe bucket hat & bottle of water & some spare clothes (along with linen for those that have a sleep)


As our centre is fully accredited to receive Child Care Subsidy (CCS), your out of pocket payable fees is dependent on the assistance provided to you by the Family Assistance Office. This can be found by contacting Centrelink online, via phone, or in person.

Please feel free to seek the support of our management team to understand how the Child Care Subsidy can support with your fees.

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